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Meet Pete

Success Coach and Entrepreneur

As a Freelance Digital Marketer, I often see beginners struggling to grasp the technical side of this business.  I saw a need for a helping hand and I decided to give it.

I've helped many new entrepreneurs get a head start in this business.  Saving them months of spinning their wheels with setup and configuration of tools that simply postpones their success while they get discouraged and sometimes even quit.

Let me help you get up and running.  I'll take the time to explain exactly how these tools work together and you'll be a guru in no time.


Recent Entries To My Blog

Very Best Tool For Affiliate Marketing

How DropFunnels Will Instantly Bring Your Affiliate Marketing To A Higher Level. As an affiliate marketer for the past two years, I’ve used many different tools within my business.  I’ve also seen many people struggle getting their mixed bag of tools configured and ready to move forward with their business plans. I’ve seen people pay…

Advice For Effective Facebook Ads

Using highly targeted advertising, like that found in the Facebook Advertising platform can certainly be a huge boost to your marketing efforts.  Unfortunately, I often see marketers who are just getting started with FB advertising struggle to get results.  If you don’t understand what’s important in making your FB ads work, there’s a good chance…

Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam?

This seems to be an interesting question that comes up often when I talk about just part of what I do.  I’m a “Freelance Digital Marketer”.  That “Freelance” part means I get to do what I want, and I make time to affiliate for various programs that I honestly believe in. In and of itself,…