Using highly targeted advertising, like that found in the Facebook Advertising platform can certainly be a huge boost to your marketing efforts.  Unfortunately, I often see marketers who are just getting started with FB advertising struggle to get results.  If you don't understand what's important in making your FB ads work, there's a good chance you'll end up throwing your money down the drain.

So, here's a couple tips to getting great results with your FB marketing campaigns.

Relate To Your Targeted Facebook Audience

It's called "Social Media Marketing", so be social. - Too often I see beginner marketers writing novels during their first go at FB ads marketing.  People don't scroll FB to read novels or even short stories.  They go there to socialize.  So write your ad in a way that speaks to the customer as if you're simply talking to them.

Read the ad to yourself out loud as if you're talking to a someone you just met at a neighborhood BBQ.  Be sure that's exactly how you would tell a stranger about the product.

Picking The Pics That Work Best On Facebook

Focus on your "Micro Ad" -

The best marketers won't hesitate to spend 80% of their overall ad creation time on honing the "Micro Ad".  The "Micro Ad" is everything that the potential customer will see before they hit the "... See more" button.

The components to the "Micro Ad" are:

  • Headline
  • Brief Description of Your Offer
  • Picture or Video
  • Call To Action Box (If you choose to have one)


Let Facebook's Algorithm Work For You

Facebook's advertising algorithm is designed to get you the very best results.  Facebook holds hundreds of thousands of data points on each user.  It tracks user's actions with your ad and automatically shows your ad to more people that are performing those actions by comparing the data points that it tracks on every user.

In order to get the full optimization of your ad, it's important to do a couple things.

Minimize Curiosity Clicks To Your Facebook Ads

Curiosity clicks can be caused by a couple different things.  Vagueness of your headline and message is probably top of the list.  It's important that you convey a clear message and offer so that interested people are the only ones that end up clicking.  This way Facebook can better tune your ad to a more interested audience and give you better results.

If you don't tell people what the offer is without a click, your fine tuning is thrown out the window.  So let people know up front what your offer is.  The less guessing people have to do, the better Facebook's algorithm will work for you.

Setup Your Facebook Pixels For Ad Optimization

Each step of your sales funnel should have a designated conversion pixel.  You can utilize Facebook's standard events or even create your own custom events to optimize the entire funnel process.

The idea is to run your ad to optimize on Conversions.  First you set the Conversion to your landing page view and as Facebook gains enough data from your ad, you can move the Conversion event to the next step of the funnel.  This way Facebook can fine tune the exact people who are more apt to get to that Conversion.  Eventually by gathering enough data, you can then optimize on downloading of your "free Ebook offer", webinar registrations, or even sales and upsells.  The more data Facebook has to use the better fine tuning it can do for you.

So be sure your pixels are setup with a specific conversion event at each and every step of the funnel.

Know How To Read The Data In Facebook Ads Manager

Clear And Concise Calls To Action

Make Retargeting Part Of Your Initial Campaign

Split test like crazy

1500-1800 impressions and you'll know how the ad is going to perform

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