It's coming... trust me.

I honestly can't take full credit for this idea, but I can't say that I never thought of it.

The "Give a Buck" idea came about from the typical answer to "How to become a millionaire?".  See, there's always someone in the group that will answer, "You just need to get one million people to give you a buck!"

Yeah, I suppose the math works, but how is anyone going to get 1 million people to hand them a dollar?

So after seeing someone talking about this and seeing the comments on his Facebook post, my marketing mind went to work.

"Why not an experiment in humility, humanity and charity, fueled by child like curiosity?"

Honestly, I thought I'd crush this out in a day, but it's the end of the third, and I'm still not there yet.  Every time I get closer there's something else to tweak or something else to learn.  I'm not a guru at this.

I'm working with a brand new (still in beta) marketing system and I've decided to do everything from within it.  I've had to not only learn the new system, but I've had to learn a lot of technical B.S. that I've only glanced over before.  It's actually been great to grow with this experience.

So what started out as mostly a joke has become my passion of the last 3 days.  I can't get this dumb little sales funnel out of my head.

There's plenty of issues that this concept creates.  There's the money planning aspect, payment of taxes, what charities to donate to and when, do I take a cut, should I have contests or giveaways, when should I plan the giveaways, people might want to buy the shirts I'm giving away, should I put that in now?

Welcome to the mind of a digital marketing entrepreneur.

So here's the first milestone and what we'll be doing (yes, I said 'we' because that's what this is about):

The goal is $10K in the first 30 days after launch.

If we do it, I'll immediately give 50% of the funds to a terrific charity (I have a couple in mind already).  The remainder is TBD.  This is really about showing how to grow the money and sprinkling the good vibes around to the Earthlings that need it.

I'm not planning on it getting to a million bucks... probably won't even get close.

I'm sure we'll make it a hell of good time for that one person that gives the one millionth dollar...

Click here if you'd like to see where we are and help us reach that goal! 

Appreciate you all, signing off for now.

Spread peace, end the state!


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